devilishorchid asked:

They did and she bit him too! That literally came out of nowhere. Horimiya always surprises me but I really like it. It's shows progress in the two's relationship and doesn't make a big deal out of it, like in other manga's. It's so ordinary and slow paced. Natural even. More realistic. In my opinion anyway. I can't wait to see more. >_<

shoujo-moments answered:

  • Hnnng, I agree so much and I’m still not over it!
  • With the vibe the manga is giving off, it really seems that it will remain vanilla all throughout (well, it’s still vanilla for me cause it’s more emotional than physical) and the typical scenario I use to have in my head is someone walking in and cockblocking them or Miyamura freaking out and not being able to do it (I feel bad for underestimating the boy now *punches self*)
  • I love how they started calling each other’s first name! (First names = intimacy.) Eeee. That’s a really a go signal for Izumi, huh?
  • Makes sense that she bit him - she’s a sadist.
  • Yeah, the mangaka is like “Hey they’re both hormonal teens and they act like husband/wife anyway so why the hell not?” jk
  • I bet that mark is not the only one! I can totally see Hori’s fingernails burying on Izumi’s sexy tattooed back… ahhh.

^ Also, sorry this was written this way. This new chapter’s effect on my shippy heart is making me so so freaking incoherent I can hardly sleep! 

I perfect understand what you said……… It was reaaaally good to know that they did in a way different from other shoujo manga’s but it shocked me a bit Q.Q, maybe i prefer the “shy way”(?)

ANYWAY can’t wait for the next chapter e_e